Wow If True

I am the co-host and co-creator of Wow If True, the only internet culture podcast that will mention Destiel and vertical mergers in the same sentence… Okay, here’s a real description:

Wow If True is your one-stop internet culture shop, hosted by meme sommeliers and real-life besties: tech journalist Amanda Silberling and terminally-online lawyer Isabel J. Kim. We dig into what, where, and how something’s going viral, and why what’s happening online matters in real life. New episodes every other Wednesday.

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Guest Appearances

Past Projects

I was a writer on 365 days with mxmtoon, contributing over 100 scripts to the daily history show, which aired between September 2020 and September 2021. Hosted by the musician and internet personality mxmtoon, the podcast regularly ranked during its run in the Top 25 Music History podcasts and the Top 200 Music podcasts on the United States iTunes charts, as well as the Top 50 Music podcasts on Spotify.

Here’s a sample of some episode I wrote for the show: